2016 Agenda

Third Annual GWSCA Conference  - September 21-23, 2016.                                                                               



Wednesday, September 21, 2016


12:00-5:00    Registration (Adams Room Foyer)


1:00-4:00       Training classes Paul Wojcicki, Chair (Adams Room)


1:00-2:00 Improving Service Contract Attach Rates – John Quatrucci, President at Stuart Associates


2:00-3:00 Risk Management Options – Jimmy Bynum, CEO at Alexander & Preston; Dawne Davenport, Actuarial Consultant and Vice President at Marsh McLennan Companies; Christopher Ward, Assistant Vice President at CNA Warranty & Alternative Risk; andWilliam Eliason, Global Warranty Financial Controller, Oracle, Inc.


3:00-4:00 Technology for improved Customer Engagement – Eric Marlan, Program Manager at Mize           


4:30-5:30       GWSCA Annual Meeting and Advisory Board (Adams Room)


6:00-7:00       Networking Reception (Monroe Room) Sponsored by AmTrust



Thursday, September 22, 2016


7:00-12:00 Registration (Adams Foyer)


7:00-8:00 Breakfast and Exhibitors Open (Monroe Room) Sponsored by AIG


8:15-10:00 Opening Session Paul Wojcicki, Chair (Adams Room)


8:15-8:30 Welcoming remarks Paul Wojcicki, Conference Chair; andTerry Hawkins, President of GWSCA


8:30-9:15 Keynote AddressEngaging Connected Consumers in the Era of Smart Products.  It all started with the smart phone, a quaint reference that initially distinguished mobile devices with an operating system from "dumb phones," aka feature phones.  The sensors and technologies that enable smart phones to detect the most intimate details of our lives - where we live, what we read, who we interact with, what we like, when we're awake and asleep, even when we're anxious - will soon be embedded in every aspect of consumers' lives - not just in mobile devices, but each and every product used at home, work, and play, in private and public places, even on the road.  Brands and retailers that integrate and leverage these capabilities will transform customer experiences and raise the bar for competitors across categories.  In this talk Dr. Phil Hendrix, founder and director of immr, describes how leading companies are capitalizing on smart products and related technologies to transcend product and service features and quality.  He will also outline the implications and opportunities for warranty and service contract professionals.  Phil Hendrix, the founder and Managing Director of immr


9:15-10:00 State of the Industry panel Phil Hendrix, the founder and Managing Director of immr; James Mostofi, President at AIG Warranty;Eric Arnum, Editor at Warranty Week; Guy Koenig, Chief Strategy Officer at AmTrust Warranty/Warrantech; and Ashok Kartham, CEO at Mize, Inc..


10:00-10:30 Networking break (Monroe Room) Sponsored by PCMI


10:30-12:00 Session A. Service Contracts-Update Jimmy Bynum, Chair (Adams Room)


10:30-11:00 Non-Traditional Service Contract Coverages that Drive Value: a critical look at Product Innovations, related to non-repair and replaced coverage and how such coverage can be offered and used to provide greater perceived value, customer loyalty, and differentiation in the service contract marketplace.

James E. Mostofi, President AIG Warranty


11:00-12:00 Update on Vehicle Service Contracts.  Panel discussion chaired by Jimmy Bynum, CEO at Alexander & Preston; and featuringLarry King, General Manager, Extended Service Business at Ford Motor Company, Greg Myers, Executive Managing Director Manufacturing at Beecher Carlson; Brent Lehmann, Willis Towers Watson – Regional Head (Australasia) — Affinity & Commercial.


12:00-12:15 GWSCA Awards (Adams Room)


12:30-1:30 Lunch (Monroe Room) Sponsored by Mize


1:30-3:00 Session B. Higher Customer Lifetime Value Heather Gray, Chair (Adams Room)


1:30-2:00 Moneyball: Warranty Sales Strategies for Maximizing Revenue.Kevin Cundiff. Vice President Retail at Fortegra


2:00-2:30Realizing Higher Customer Lifetime Value with Customer Engagement.  Ashok Kartham, CEO at Mize, Inc.


2:30-3:00 Focusing on What Matters: Creating a better customer experience with your customer support programs.  Based on recent research from Support.com, 79% of connected consumers say that it’s important to have a positive perception of a brand after making a purchase. And 57% of connected consumers say they think about a brand post-purchase when there is an issue with the product or service. These findings highlight the crucial role that customer service and support play in the overall customer experience with a brand.

Emily RickmanVice President, Services Sales & Account Management at Support.Com


1:30-300 Session C. Connecting with Customers Kjell Hammarstrom(Water Tower Parlor)


1:30-2:00 What Are They Really Thinking? Service Contracts and the Global Consumer Purchasing Lifecycle.Bob Bean Vice President of Marketing at The Warranty Group.


2:00-2:30 What do Facebook and Artificial Intelligence have in common with Service Plans? Alison Parr, SVP Consumer Durables and Electronics,



2:30-3:00 Monitoring Heartbeat.  Kjell Hammarstrom, Senior Warranty Cost Program Manager at Oracle, Inc.


3:00-3:30 Networking Break (Monroe Room) Sponsored by GWSCA


3:30-5:00 Session D. Technology and Legal Update Dan Hulkower, Chair (Adams Room)


3:30-4:00 Extended Warranty Pricing Discussion. Rohit Lohan

Senior Product ManagerandAshu Kohli, Program Manager at Tavant Technologies


4:00-4:30 Using advanced analytics to run your warranty program:

o   Drive accurate costs

o   Optimize pricing

o   Increasing ESC attach

o   Channel optimization

Paul Swenson, President at Fulcrum Analytics;andDan Hulkower, SVP Business Development at After, Inc.


4:30-5:00 Service Contracts Industry Legal Updates.Key legal updates affecting the service contract industry, including state regulation, litigation, tax, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Telephone Consumer Protection Act matters.Brian Casey, Esq. Partner and Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group at Locke Lord LLP 


3:30-5:00 Session E. Understanding the Customer, Don Larsen, Chair (Water Tower Parlor)


3:30-4:00Financial Reporting Tool to Measure the Cost of Supporting Products and Customers Under Warranty and Contract Support. William Eliason, Global Warranty Financial Controller, Oracle, Inc.


4:00-4:30 The 3 main reasons you're losing business and how to turn it around NOW.

Your job is to increase Revenues & Profits.  If YOU want continual improvement that provides you incremental REVENUE and PROFIT, that will get you promoted, then this is the meeting for you. Bill Stuart, CEO at Stuart Associates.


4:30-5:00 "Using Data To Drive Change:  How The Right Customer Feedback Process Can Improve Customer Service. Jean Mork Bredeson, President and Managing Director of Service 800 and Corey Rocquin, Director of Warranty Operations, Fortegra.


5:00-6:00 Pre-Cruise Networking Reception (Monroe Room)


7:00-8:30 Cruise on the Anita Dee Sponsored by Tavant Technologies.  For all of those with us last year this was a perfect networking event.  A guided tour on the Chicago River with refreshments.



Friday, September 23, 2016


7:00-8:00 Breakfast and Exhibitors Open (Monroe Room) Sponsored by Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney and Alexander & Preston


8:00-10:00 Session F. Innovation in Connecting with Customers Aleem Lakhani, Chair (Adams Room)


            8:00-8:15 GWSCA Initiatives. Terry Hawkins, President of GWSCA


8:15-8:45 Behavioral Economics and Consequential Changes to Our Philosophy and Practice in the Warranty Industry.  New strategies/tactics for how stakeholders must engage in the customer lifecycle via engagement to deliver impactful results.  Aleem Lakhani, EVP AmTrust


8:45-9:15 SaaS for Warranty and Service Contract Management. Mark Nagelvoort, President and CEO and Daniel Raycroft, VP of Business Development at PCMI Corporation


9:15-10:00 “Leveraging Data to Improve After-market Attach Rates and Profitability”


“In God we trust, all others must bring data”.  This quote, often attributed to manufacturing guru and statistician, W. Edwards Deming, is the mantra of data-driven marketers.  If you’re in manufacturing, retail, service or underwriting, you know the value of data in driving everyday decision-making.   Whether it big data that you’re mining from a customized data ‘lake’ or just streams of data you are pulling from disparate internal data sources, they can provide tremendous value when combined to provide a broader view of your customer.  From a marketing perspective, companies often trust their instincts or adhere to historical beliefs about ‘how’ to market, ‘who’ to target and ‘what’ to communicate to engage with potential customers.  This informative session will help attendees in understanding key steps and ‘best practices’Patrick Scheen CEO and Chris Dauk, EVP Business Insights at Accentf(x); and, Chrisie Dorton, Direct to Consumer Program Manager at GE Appliances, a Haier Company.


10:00-10:30 Networking Break (Monroe Room) Sponsored by GWSCA


10:30-12:00 Session G. Service Contract Revenue Patrick Scheen, Chair (Adams Room)


10:30-11:00 Automating Service Contract Revenue Through a Complex Channel Ecosystem. Justin Crotty, Director of Business Development at Cisco, Inc.


11:00–12:00 “Right” Pricing for Service Contracts. Customer Engagement Rob Christian, PresidentofOnPoint Warranty Consulting & Program Management; Patrick Scheen, CEO of Accent f(x) Marketing; Gary Mitzner, Division Vice President, Service Contracts at Sears Holding, Inc.; andDarius Bullock, Director-Repair Services and Development at Lowes


12:00-12:15 Closing Session Paul Wojcicki, Chair (Adams Room)


12:15 Adjourn




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