Supplier Cost Recovery





This course will give the student an in-depth introduction to the legal aspects of supplier contracts and the methods used for maintaining a positive relationship between the supplier and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The targeted audience is any professional who is part of or works with a warranty team or managers dedicated to continuous business improvement.








At completion of this course, students will:

• Understand the role of supplier cost recovery in the warranty department and the organization as a whole. 

• Understand how to create and implement a Warranty Charter.

• Understand how to create and implement terms and conditions.

• Understand different recovery methodologies and how and when to utilize them. 

• Understand the benefits and drawbacks of part returns and part-less recovery.

• Understand how to create and nurture the supplier/OEM relationship. 

• Understand the stages of the supplier/OEM relationship and how to best leverage them for your organization.

• Understand how to stand firm on your Warranty Charter without sacrificing positive relationships.




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