Analytics: Theory and Application


This course will give the student a thorough framework for conducting warranty analysis using various analytical techniques and models, including how to gather and interpret data to make better business decisions. The targeted audience is any professional who is part of or works with a warranty team or managers dedicated to continuous business improvement.






At the completion of this course, students will: 

• Learn basic statistical thinking skills.

• Understand the difference between reporting data and analytics.

• Understand how to utilize analytics as a quality overcheck.

• Understand how to synthesize and integrate data sources.

• Understand how to use and where to apply different statistical/analytical methods.

• Be able to articulate the benefits, advantages and caveats of different methods.

• Understand how to analyze data in order to identify the impact of geography, duty cycles or other logistics.

• Understand how to analyze data in order to streamline claim processing. 

• Understand how to analyze data in order to ensure dealer performance.

• Understand how to analyze data in order to reduce cost.

• Be able to demonstrate the value of analytics to their company.



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