Warranty Professionals Win Most Valuable Employee

Warranty professionals can come from numerous different backgrounds such as engineering, math, statistics, economics, general business and business management. We at GWSCA would argue that these unique backgrounds are perhaps one of the most valuable assets to the industry. The diversity of the professionals provides a warranty team a comprehensive range of experiences and proficiencies that other departments cannot match. 

Professionals with similar backgrounds have all been taught to analyze and think in a similar way. They may disagree on the specifics; but their education and experiences, and therefore their way of thinking, will still be relatively analogous. Employees with the same foundation may be less likely to think outside of their comfort zone and develop new ideas and techniques for their line of work. Conversely, a department of people with varying education focuses and levels would be more likely to combine and blend their different ways of thinking into innovation and evolution.

For example, many warranty departments employ professionals with economics or statistics background for use in analytics. Employees with economics and statistical backgrounds can seem very similar to an outsider; however, an employee with a background in economics will most likely look at data with an eye to the larger picture and overarching concepts while the statistician will be able to provide an in-depth, thorough breakdown of the specifics of the project. Furthermore, both of these math-based professionals have a more extensive knowledge of methods to interpret data, but may not have the skills to supervise or organize personnel the way a business manager could. 

All these different backgrounds also provide a streamlined method of communication within a department. A member of the management team with a manufacturing question can ask a warranty employee with an engineering background first without having to take the time to contact an engineer outside of the department and wait for his or her response. This saves time and money for both the warranty department and their company as a whole. 

Although it cannot be absolutely quantified, the employees that seamlessly work together to create new ideas and improve their department must have a higher value to their company. The diversity of warranty as a field allows a company or manager to leverage all the different skills sets of its professionals and create a more valuable team that can work together to produce higher quality results.